Who are the PLASTIC collectors at Kay Blada Recycling?

A small update from KayBlada:


We are still working on becoming self-sustaining as a small business/social enterprise in Haiti. This process is taking longer than we expected--THANK YOU SO MUCH to each and every one of you who has helped us to make it this far.

This video, although it has no subtitles, is beautiful to watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjSW1A76f7o&t=61s

This is a woman who collects plastic bottles for a living.  This is ALL THAT SHE HAS as far as making money to support her family.  She walks long distances to collect the plastic.  She makes around $25 US with each big sack she collects, which could take up to one week.  

The beauty of this video is that you can see a real person who is literally surviving with the income she makes from selling plastic bottles to KayBlada.  The message here is that KayBlada is providing a way for THE POOREST OF THE POOR to make a meager income, which goes towards paying for food, school (there is no free public school in Haiti), school uniforms for children, etc.  As this woman explains in the video, the people who pick up plastic on the street are stigmatized by others.  They get made fun of and called names all day long as they do their work.  They are the lowest class.  

 Blada was able to talk with many people on the street during his #KayBladaHaitiSiteVisit in September 2016.  He collected and processed plastic himself, which inevitably drew many laughs and much bewilderment from the public, many of whom said, “That’s not how people are supposed to appear when they come back from the US”.  What KayBlada is doing is not only providing work for people who would otherwise have nothing, it is also literally working to dismantle prejudice and class division within Haitian society itself.

 The fundraiser for #KayBladaHaitiSiteVisit is still open: http://www.gofundme.com/KayBladaHaitiSiteV

Blada raised enough money during this fundraiser to pay for his airline ticket but he still paid  about $1,000 out of his pocket in order to make this 2-week trip.  He is returning to Haiti in December and will continue working on KayBlada, and any donations and support would be extremely welcome!

Thank you so much for your interest in KayBlada and in helping the good people of Haiti!!!