Kay Blada Recycling 2nd ANNIVERSARY

Kay Blada Recycling in Haiti





We are at a very exciting phase of our growing social enterprise, Kay Blada Recycling.

We  have so many things going on at once,  and this stage of our work requires lot of multitasking. With all the generous support we are continuing to receive from the communities around us, we continue to make great progress! Also, with the help of the volunteer students at UNC, I (Blada) have been able to get much administrative work done.

Kay Blada Recycling, on November 20, 2017, was able to have its first board meeting with a group of six dedicated and experienced people. This was a very successful first meeting. Together we are going to bring the enterprise to the next level.

In order to apply for 501C3 (non-profit) legal status, one our top priorities, we must have a board of directors in place.  Now we have that, and are forming board committees to get more people involved and find more help. Please consider volunteering in one of our board committees if you have any skills or experience in things like marketing, networking, legal advising, non-profit sector, and fundraising. Contact us to volunteer. Our main focus right now is to obtain non-profit status, which will enable our donors to deduct their contributions from their taxes, and will enable us to access more resources in the forms of grants and funding.

Fundraiser Update
Kay Blada launched a fundraising campaign for $70,000 since October 2017. Since then, we have collected the first $2000 out of $70000. Below is a list of GOALS we have set in order have tools and equipment to move forward with our mission.

Here is the list of equipment and tools that we need by October 2018.
These include:

  1. To have a 4-ton truck that will be used to pick up collected plastic from all over the Central Plateau all the way up to Cap Haitian, deliver it to Kay Blada for processing, then transport the compacted plastic to P-au-P. ~$35,000 (one-time cost).

  2. We will have to have a large-sized piece of land with some kind of building on it, to be able to handle more material and be able to work even when it's raining. ~$20,000 (one time cost).

  3. To have access to electricity: an electrical generator that is compatible with the bailer to reduce transportation costs, as well as the necessary equipment to connect to the government-run power, if and when we obtain access to it. ($3000 one-time cost).

  4. A good-quality electric scale that is more precise than the hanging scale being used currently ($2,500 one time cost).

  5. To have a team of well-trained school teachers who will teach environmental protection and Recycling in all the schools all around the Central Plateau ($4,500/year).

  6. To have a 3-wheeler which will be used in the local area of Hinche to pick up plastic in areas that are unreachable by truck ~$2,000 (one time cost.)

  7. Three work trips to Haiti for me (Blada). My physical presence is very important  to maintain the success of Kay Blada, and to continue doing the face to face management for the local staff which is indispensable. Each trip costs $2,000, three trips per year cost $6000.  consider making a donation today

New Business

There is a possibility for Kay Blada recycling to partner on a very exciting project, “Plastic-to-Fuel”, with Plastic Ocean Project, a non-profit based at UNC-W who works to protect our oceans and save sea life from ocean plastic. They are currently fundraising to build a machine that will transform plastic into fuel. Kay Blada Recycling will be their plastic supplier. It is possible that this partnership could begin as early as 2018.

December 5, 2017 is Kay Blada Recycling's 2nd anniversary! We want to send BIG THANKS to all of our Supportors, the #Donors who since the very beginning have been holding our hands with great care. You are the ones who have supported us financially, allowing us to reach this exciting point today. Not only have your contributions helped us to move forward with our vision, it has allowed us to provide employment for over 65 people in the Central Plateau of Haiti, most of whom are women over the age of 50.

I am now planning my next work trip to Haiti. Stay tuned for my to do list. It's going to be another exciting one, as we have many ongoing projects!
At this moment, let us invite all of you to Donate generous contribution here. Any amount brings us closer towards achieving our $70000 goal. Your generous donation is a major contribution to achieve the list above. Thank you in advance!
Please share this post with friends and family to help spread the word. Thanks for your donation/support!

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