Small Update from Kay Blada Recycling for October

Small update from Kay Blada Recycling:)

I (Blada), am so proud of the community around me here in the US!! With the strong support from the local communities, the month of October was VERY productive!

Special THANKS to:

. Heather Legard

. Lea Clayton

. Isadora Galjour

. Gabe Pelli

. Will Ridenour

. Gorden Emerson

. Donovan Zimmerman

. Reina Galjour

. Berry Rich

. Erin Danford

. Jeff Jennifer & Eric Ginsburg

. Haw River Assembly

. Lachana Austria

. Kevin Reily

. Sandy & Bonnie Starr


We had a first benefit concert on October 6th at the UNC Great Hall.

This was a fantastic concert with a list of 8 awesome acapella groups. We had about 100 attendees and raised $600!

On October 22nd we had our 2nd benefit concert with Gabe Pelli and Will Ridenour, and it was AMAZING! We had a great time with everyone. We talked about Kay Blada's mission while listening to very nice music!

We were able to raise about $1500 from that fundraiser! So many people could not make it to the events, but wanted to make a contribution, and they did so via our website, and our Supporters also sent us donations to kay Blada's mailbox at 9677 snow camp Rd. Snow Camp, NC 27349. We thank you all very much!!!

Kay Blada has many other fundraising events coming up, we hope to see everyone at next event as we are still raising funds to achieve our exciting goal for the year 2018. Which is just $70,000!

Also, Kay Blada has been working in partnership with United Solar Initiative, a non-profit from UNC Chapel Hill, on getting solar panels donated to Kay Blada Recycling. Although, Kay Blada will be paying 25% of the cost. We are making great progress on that and hopefully we will have solar power to run our compactor soon!

Along with the solar panels, we will have a generator that will be used only as a backup for when there is not enough sun light! I (Blada) am hoping that we can have both installations done at the same time on the my next work trip!

I'm still not able to decide when is my next work trip to Haiti yet, due to the fact that we are still working on pricing and which local Haitian solar provider is best for us.

In the meantime, Kay Blada Recycling is continuing with it's great mission to help Haiti with it's trash/environmental literacy and unemployment problem!

As we are getting ready to celebrate Kay Blada Recycling's 2nd ANNIVERSARY🎉on December 5th! We would like it if you would consider to participate in our BIG FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN as we must raise $70000 in 10 months! Please tell you friends and family--let's come together to support an amazing cause!

For donating and/or more information about Kay Blada Recycling's work in Haiti visit our website Like Kay Blada on FB @RecyclingInHaiti.

Thank you very much for your time and support!

♻️🇭🇹 #KayBlada