Kay Blada Recycling 2nd ANNIVERSARY

Kay Blada Recycling in Haiti





We are at a very exciting phase of our growing social enterprise, Kay Blada Recycling.

We  have so many things going on at once,  and this stage of our work requires lot of multitasking. With all the generous support we are continuing to receive from the communities around us, we continue to make great progress! Also, with the help of the volunteer students at UNC, I (Blada) have been able to get much administrative work done.

Kay Blada Recycling, on November 20, 2017, was able to have its first board meeting with a group of six dedicated and experienced people. This was a very successful first meeting. Together we are going to bring the enterprise to the next level.

In order to apply for 501C3 (non-profit) legal status, one our top priorities, we must have a board of directors in place.  Now we have that, and are forming board committees to get more people involved and find more help. Please consider volunteering in one of our board committees if you have any skills or experience in things like marketing, networking, legal advising, non-profit sector, and fundraising. Contact us to volunteer. Our main focus right now is to obtain non-profit status, which will enable our donors to deduct their contributions from their taxes, and will enable us to access more resources in the forms of grants and funding.

Fundraiser Update
Kay Blada launched a fundraising campaign for $70,000 since October 2017. Since then, we have collected the first $2000 out of $70000. Below is a list of GOALS we have set in order have tools and equipment to move forward with our mission.

Here is the list of equipment and tools that we need by October 2018.
These include:

  1. To have a 4-ton truck that will be used to pick up collected plastic from all over the Central Plateau all the way up to Cap Haitian, deliver it to Kay Blada for processing, then transport the compacted plastic to P-au-P. ~$35,000 (one-time cost).

  2. We will have to have a large-sized piece of land with some kind of building on it, to be able to handle more material and be able to work even when it's raining. ~$20,000 (one time cost).

  3. To have access to electricity: an electrical generator that is compatible with the bailer to reduce transportation costs, as well as the necessary equipment to connect to the government-run power, if and when we obtain access to it. ($3000 one-time cost).

  4. A good-quality electric scale that is more precise than the hanging scale being used currently ($2,500 one time cost).

  5. To have a team of well-trained school teachers who will teach environmental protection and Recycling in all the schools all around the Central Plateau ($4,500/year).

  6. To have a 3-wheeler which will be used in the local area of Hinche to pick up plastic in areas that are unreachable by truck ~$2,000 (one time cost.)

  7. Three work trips to Haiti for me (Blada). My physical presence is very important  to maintain the success of Kay Blada, and to continue doing the face to face management for the local staff which is indispensable. Each trip costs $2,000, three trips per year cost $6000.  consider making a donation today

New Business

There is a possibility for Kay Blada recycling to partner on a very exciting project, “Plastic-to-Fuel”, with Plastic Ocean Project, a non-profit based at UNC-W who works to protect our oceans and save sea life from ocean plastic. They are currently fundraising to build a machine that will transform plastic into fuel. Kay Blada Recycling will be their plastic supplier. It is possible that this partnership could begin as early as 2018.

December 5, 2017 is Kay Blada Recycling's 2nd anniversary! We want to send BIG THANKS to all of our Supportors, the #Donors who since the very beginning have been holding our hands with great care. You are the ones who have supported us financially, allowing us to reach this exciting point today. Not only have your contributions helped us to move forward with our vision, it has allowed us to provide employment for over 65 people in the Central Plateau of Haiti, most of whom are women over the age of 50.

I am now planning my next work trip to Haiti. Stay tuned for my to do list. It's going to be another exciting one, as we have many ongoing projects!
At this moment, let us invite all of you to Donate generous contribution here. Any amount brings us closer towards achieving our $70000 goal. Your generous donation is a major contribution to achieve the list above. Thank you in advance!
Please share this post with friends and family to help spread the word. Thanks for your donation/support!

Learn more about Kay Blada Recycling here

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Kay Blada Recycling’s address: 9677 snow camp, rd. Snow Camp, NC 27349

Kay Blada Recycling: Tackling Infrastructure Problems in Haiti One Bottle at a Time

"Living in the U.S., we don’t often imagine recycling to be a privilege. After meeting Johnson Desauguste, a Haitian immigrant living in the U.S., I’ve begun to see it that way. As a junior environmental science major at UNC, I’ve been involved in many environmental organizations, and had some exposure to urban planning. Somehow, meeting Johnson (or “Blada,” as his Haitian family calls him) has changed my perspective on urban infrastructure...."

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Small Update from Kay Blada Recycling for October

Small update from Kay Blada Recycling:)

I (Blada), am so proud of the community around me here in the US!! With the strong support from the local communities, the month of October was VERY productive!

Special THANKS to:

. Heather Legard

. Lea Clayton

. Isadora Galjour

. Gabe Pelli

. Will Ridenour

. Gorden Emerson

. Donovan Zimmerman

. Reina Galjour

. Berry Rich

. Erin Danford

. Jeff Jennifer & Eric Ginsburg

. Haw River Assembly

. Lachana Austria

. Kevin Reily

. Sandy & Bonnie Starr


We had a first benefit concert on October 6th at the UNC Great Hall.

This was a fantastic concert with a list of 8 awesome acapella groups. We had about 100 attendees and raised $600!

On October 22nd we had our 2nd benefit concert with Gabe Pelli and Will Ridenour, and it was AMAZING! We had a great time with everyone. We talked about Kay Blada's mission while listening to very nice music!

We were able to raise about $1500 from that fundraiser! So many people could not make it to the events, but wanted to make a contribution, and they did so via our website kayblada.squarespace.com, and our Supporters also sent us donations to kay Blada's mailbox at 9677 snow camp Rd. Snow Camp, NC 27349. We thank you all very much!!!

Kay Blada has many other fundraising events coming up, we hope to see everyone at next event as we are still raising funds to achieve our exciting goal for the year 2018. Which is just $70,000!

Also, Kay Blada has been working in partnership with United Solar Initiative, a non-profit from UNC Chapel Hill, on getting solar panels donated to Kay Blada Recycling. Although, Kay Blada will be paying 25% of the cost. We are making great progress on that and hopefully we will have solar power to run our compactor soon!

Along with the solar panels, we will have a generator that will be used only as a backup for when there is not enough sun light! I (Blada) am hoping that we can have both installations done at the same time on the my next work trip!

I'm still not able to decide when is my next work trip to Haiti yet, due to the fact that we are still working on pricing and which local Haitian solar provider is best for us.

In the meantime, Kay Blada Recycling is continuing with it's great mission to help Haiti with it's trash/environmental literacy and unemployment problem!

As we are getting ready to celebrate Kay Blada Recycling's 2nd ANNIVERSARY🎉on December 5th! We would like it if you would consider to participate in our BIG FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN as we must raise $70000 in 10 months! Please tell you friends and family--let's come together to support an amazing cause!

For donating and/or more information about Kay Blada Recycling's work in Haiti visit our website kayblada.squarespace.com. Like Kay Blada on FB @RecyclingInHaiti.

Thank you very much for your time and support!

♻️🇭🇹 #KayBlada

Report for the last work trip to Haiti in August 10-26,2017

Here is a very exciting report for the last work trip to Haiti 8/10-26/17

Every single step we make in Kay Blada Recycling is a huge progress. I have made 3 work trips since Kay Blada was started. I think this 2-week work trip, August 10-26 2017, was the most remarkable one because I accomplished so many great things in a such a short period of time. I made so much progress--I am already too excited about the next trip which will be in December!

  • I introduced the lesson plan to the school teachers so they can start putting it in execution when school starts in September. I did not have the money to do it the way I was hoping, but at least I got something started, so next time I will only build up on that and improve it. Luckily the teachers embrace the idea so nicely that I have strong hope that it will be successful!

  • I legalize Kay Blada Recycling. We are finally a legal Social Enterprise in Haiti! It was very easy this time; not only I got help from a good friend that works  at the government office in Hinche, but I also had all the paperwork basically ready even before I got to Haiti. I feel so relieved to have accomplished this!

  • I made my 3-year rent contract (where Kay Blada is located) legal, which was one of the things I tried to do back in February when I was there for 3 months, but that did not happen then. This time I made this a top priority and luckily it went nicely and smoothly. Normally I would not have to do that, but I figured that it's important to make the contract legal instead of having a verbal deal.

  • I found a larger space for the recycling center. I am hoping that I can buy it. It's approximately 2 acres of land, and will cost around $6,000. It’s a good location and most importantly it's a good price.

  • I started making the promotional video to air on television, as an educational message for the public to know the importance of a safe environment, and the existence of the recycling center/#KayBladaRecycling in the community. Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to get that finished all the way, although it’s in studio and hopefully will be published soon.

  • I organized a networking event with other local Haitian entrepreneurs who are doing positive work in the community of Hinche.  We shared ideas with each other and discussed common obstacles that we face to doing our work.

  • Finally, I walked around Port-au-Prince to find out what kind of truck we want to buy and I got a few estimates from car dealerships. We will need a truck because this will allow us to be independent, meaning not depending on outside drivers to bring our merchandise to market.

My next trip will be in December 2017. That's when the solar panels, and a generator will be installed. This means that in December both the solar panels and Generator will be hooked up to the compactor to start compacting plastic!

Remember: these trips cost a lot of money and in addition to the trips costs, I am still paying the loans that I took to purchase the equipment. I am going to be paying 25% of the $15,000 that the solar panels will cost. At the same time, I am already paying back the $4000 that I borrowed to purchase both the small compactor and a generator. Although, I am very happy to announce that we are making enough money every month to pay our employees and to continue purchasing plastic from our street collectors! But that money cannot do anything else because it's not much to rely on. Therefore, Kay Blada still needs your generous support.

This trip was successful because of the generous support of:

Cindy Siegel

Karen Emerson

June & Ib Thomsen

Sandra Greene

Emil Emerson

Robert Roskind

Jean-Baptiste Petit

Isadora Galjour

Alison Hilton

Carol Sanford Schuit Emerson

Reina Galjour ...Thank you everyone!!!

Our GOAL for the next 12 months:

These are the things that we need in order to grow and continue in improve Haiti’s Environment and create more income opportunities for the people and to grow the local economy.

  1. To have a truck that will be used to transport our compacted plastic to P-au-P. Also the truck will be going  all around the Center Plateau, and all the way to Cap Haitian to pick up loose plastic and transport it to Kay Blada Recycling for processing. ~$35,000 (one time cost)

  2. We will have to have a large- sized piece of land with some kind of building on it, to be able to handle more material and be able to work even when it's raining. ~$20,000 (one time cost)

  3. To have a team of well-trained school teachers who will teach environmental protection and Recycling in all the schools all around the country. $4,500/year

  4. To have a 3-wheeler which will be used in the local area of Hinche to pick up plastic in areas that are unreachable by truck ~$2,000 (one time cost.)

  5. Three work trips to Haiti for me (Blada). My physical presence is very important  to maintain the success of Kay Blada, and to continue doing the face to face management for the local staff which is indispensable. Each trip costs $2,000, three trips per year $6000.

These are just the tools and equipment we are going to work for, which will require more staff meaning more jobs in the community. If we reach all our goals, we are hoping that we will create at least 250 jobs and collect tons of plastic by the  end 2018. Which means a better economy in Haiti, at the same time a safer Environment for all of us!

Therefore, we will need your support and financial assistance. Kay Blada will be doing lots of fundraising events. So please join our event planning team if you have any experience and expertise in fundraising and event planning or marketing. And/or come to our events to support us, and make sure you bring 2 friends with you. Also, PLEASE SHARE our posts on Social media to help us spread the word.

Thank you very much for your time!

Now, you can share this information with your friends and family:)




Eskew te konnen?

Kay Blada Resiklaj


De: Kay Blada Resiklaj

A: Popilasyon Plato Santral la an jeneral!


Nan non Kay Blada Resiklaj nou salye’w!

Kay Blada se yon oganizasyon social, Ki la pou patisipe nan gro mouvmen kap fe nan peyi d’Ayiti kont ‘’fatra plastik’’. Tankou: sache dlo, botey tanpico, botey fiesta, vye kivet plastic,… depi se plastic li ye, KayBlada di tout moun “Olye de jete yo nan lari a, nou ouvri yon “sant de resiklaj’’ kote nou ka pote yo.

Lew rive nan KayBlada, wap jwenn moun ki disponib pou pran yo nan men’w epi peze yo nan balans, epi peye’w pou saw pote a.

Travay la se: .Pou nou patisipe nan propteje anviwonman an.

                        . Kreye travay nan kominote a.

                        . Sivilize e Edike popilasyon an.

Nou tout konnen ke “men anpil chay pa lou”. Kay Blada Resiklaj mande pou tout biro, tout biznis, tout lekol, tout legliz, tout enstitisyon leta,,, popilasyon platosatral la an jeneral, patisipe nan gro travay sa.

Ou menm ki gen magazen ki vann bwason gazez, ou menm kap bwe bwazon gazez… Apre ou fin li dokiman sa a, apati de Jodi a bay tet ou sa kom REZOLISYON ke ou pap janm lage FATRA PLASTIK you fey o nan lari a, ni voye jete y obo rivye a, e sitou ou pap janm brile yo anko.

SOLISYON an se sanble yo, epi pote yo KayBlada pou’n fe RESIKLAJ!

Address: Rue Yayou #6 Plato Santral Hinche, Haiti.

Kontak:  +509 36787143  _ +509 38746200 _ +509 32949905

E-mail: Bladreina@yahoo.fr _ kaybladarecycling@gmail.com

Site Internet: kayblada.squarespace.com

Vizite KayBlada sou Facebook: www.facebook.com/recyclinginhaiti

How Kay Blada Recycling is structured

Kay Blada Recycling



1. What is  Kay Blada about?

2. Why is plastic recycling important for Haiti?

3. How do we plan to do it?

I am going to walk you through these questions step by step for your better understanding of KAY BLADA!


  1. What is KayBlada about?

Kay Blada is a social enterprise located in Hinche, Haiti that focuses on the recycling of plastic through public education and providing of local jobs. We strongly believe that providing jobs for local Haitians, especially in the area of improving the environment, will be empowering for the people and the local economy.


  1. Why is plastic recycling important for Haiti?

Trash is a big problem in Haiti.  Anywhere you go, in the city or the countryside, you will see big piles of trash.  All kids of trash, even batteries and used motor oil are simply thrown onto the ground.  There are no widespread programs for trash or recycling.  Trash usually gets either burned, piled on the ground, or thrown in the river.  This creates toxic pollution of the air and water, and it clogs the waterways leading to greater proliferation of mosquito-borne illnesses.

Haiti is a very poor country, and very vulnerable to natural disasters. Over 60% of the population is unemployed, and about 80% is illiterate.  People do not have the education to understand the problems that are being created by the generation of plastic trash, or the possible solutions.  The government has not implemented any kind of support system that would enable people to dispose of trash properly, so they are left with little options.

So as a Haitian that lives in the US, I’m asking myself, how can I help Haiti?  With so many problems, where can I start?  In a place like Haiti, the key is to pick one small area and work on that, without losing your focus.  Recently, it has become possible to recycle plastic bottles.  I have chosen to start my work in this area.

By creating a small recycling business in Haiti, I have been able to provide jobs to people who otherwise have no source of income. Local people are employed to be part of the solution, instead of being relegated to the sidelines as passive observers. Creating local jobs allows more money to circulate in the local economy. This is empowering to the people.


  1. How are we doing the work?

A project like this can be expensive, because typically there is investment in big equipment and tools to do the heavy work. But in Haiti, people already do everything by hand, and many people are willing to walk through the streets, collecting huge sacks of plastic trash and being paid per pound. This allows more people to participate in beautifying their country, and makes people feel needed in the community. We think that’s a very good thing!


There are 3 groups of people doing the work:

  1. Group A consists of people who are already on the streets collecting plastic bottles, and filling big sacks that can hold about 50 pounds.

After filling those big sacks, they carry them on their backs and bring them to us (KayBlada), where they further process and sort the plastic, and we weigh their sacks for them. Depending on which kind of plastic they bring, they can make up to 3 gourdes per pound.  (1USD = 69 gourdes. They would have to bring around 23lbs to make 1USD.)

We all know this is a very small amount of money, but people do this work because it may be their only option, and of course they want to participate in improving the environmental conditions for their children and grandchildren.

  1. Group B is a team of people responsible for weighing and helping to further sort & process the plastic. They are also responsible for going out on the streets and motivating people to get involved.


  1. Group C is the company who comes to pick up the plastic which is then shipped offshore for processing.


Each group of people (A and B) has been doing their work--so far so good. There are over 55 people collecting plastic; we also have a space for weighing and sorting although we are growing out of this space.  We now have a bailer for compacting the plastic, but do not have access to electricity yet for running the bailer. In the future, we hope to have a small truck for picking up large amounts of plastic in more remote areas, and a larger, more secure space for Kay Blada.

On our Haitian flag it says “Union fait la force” meaning “Together we’re strong”. Haitians love putting their hands together to make something happen, they are always exited for these kinds of projects; they make Kay Blada feel welcome and also needed.

I Blada am committed to help Haiti my country with its trash and plastic problem.  Haiti is in need of many interventions that would improve the quality of life for the people; this is the area I have chosen to begin with as my service project to help people empower themselves and participate in a real way in the betterment of their country.

Thanks to all of you that are with me on this journey--let’s stay in touch!

Kay Blada thanks you so much for your time!

Kay Blada .

Who are the PLASTIC collectors at Kay Blada Recycling?

A small update from KayBlada:


We are still working on becoming self-sustaining as a small business/social enterprise in Haiti. This process is taking longer than we expected--THANK YOU SO MUCH to each and every one of you who has helped us to make it this far.

This video, although it has no subtitles, is beautiful to watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjSW1A76f7o&t=61s

This is a woman who collects plastic bottles for a living.  This is ALL THAT SHE HAS as far as making money to support her family.  She walks long distances to collect the plastic.  She makes around $25 US with each big sack she collects, which could take up to one week.  

The beauty of this video is that you can see a real person who is literally surviving with the income she makes from selling plastic bottles to KayBlada.  The message here is that KayBlada is providing a way for THE POOREST OF THE POOR to make a meager income, which goes towards paying for food, school (there is no free public school in Haiti), school uniforms for children, etc.  As this woman explains in the video, the people who pick up plastic on the street are stigmatized by others.  They get made fun of and called names all day long as they do their work.  They are the lowest class.  

 Blada was able to talk with many people on the street during his #KayBladaHaitiSiteVisit in September 2016.  He collected and processed plastic himself, which inevitably drew many laughs and much bewilderment from the public, many of whom said, “That’s not how people are supposed to appear when they come back from the US”.  What KayBlada is doing is not only providing work for people who would otherwise have nothing, it is also literally working to dismantle prejudice and class division within Haitian society itself.

 The fundraiser for #KayBladaHaitiSiteVisit is still open: http://www.gofundme.com/KayBladaHaitiSiteV

Blada raised enough money during this fundraiser to pay for his airline ticket but he still paid  about $1,000 out of his pocket in order to make this 2-week trip.  He is returning to Haiti in December and will continue working on KayBlada, and any donations and support would be extremely welcome!

Thank you so much for your interest in KayBlada and in helping the good people of Haiti!!!